Our HRMIS that will provide a vast range of features to manage the crucial organization asset - people. It provides a perfect platform for re-engineering and aligning your HR processes along with the organizational goals.

What’s new in our Solution?

Introduction of the Recruitment Module which comprises of the comprehensive job application, publishing and recruitment process, according to the feedback, received from user community side, were the main focus of the release.

Features of the new application version include:

  • Recruitment Module
    1. Listing out the Job Vacancies
      • This is where the HR administrator creates the job vacancies available in the organization. He has the option to include all the necessary information, including the job title, the job description and pay grade and employment status.
    2. Adding Pay Grade
      • When listing the available vacancies the HR administrator has the option to add additional pay grades to the system to be compatible with the job listing.
    3. Adding Employment Status
      • Generally the system itself has defined certain employment status at its inception. But if the company needs the HR administrator has the right to add company specified Employment Status to the system when listing out the job vacancies.
    4. Selecting Hiring Managers for the job vacancies
      • It's compulsory for the HR administrator to select the hiring managers for each job vacancy listed out. This will let the hiring manager receive a notification when someone applies for the particular job that he/she has been appointed as the hiring manager.
    5. Candidates Start Applying for the Job Vacancies
      • The wonder of the HRM recruitment module is that the candidates can never trace out that they are using the Tesol HRM system, but rather they feel that it's the particular company recruitment system that they are directed to. The only thing involved in the application process is to select the job and fill up a form containing all the necessary details that are required. The process is very simple and user friendly.
    6. Candidates Start Applying for the Job Vacancies
      • The HR administrator can get the full list of applicants for each job and he can schedule interviews for the right people with the respective hiring managers and other executive members. Every action will be notified to the respective candidate via email.

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